IDEACore's Interactive uses at full extent the 13 years of Customer-Focused Design experience. We have created a Interactive Process that closely resembles the SixSigma Customer-Focused Design Initiative. Below are the steps that make up the Ideacore Interactive - Core Process:  
1 : Define
  a. Define Project Goals  
The very first step is to Define the Project Goals, and create a clear and organized outline of what you, as our client needs to accomplish, and how this project fits within your long term business development and strategic plan.
  b. Define the Customer  
A very important step, in order for us to develop and produce a successful project, is to Define the Customer, in other words define who the end user/viewer is, and who your company is trying to impact. We make complete use of our proprietary WebMine Framework, to complete this step.
  c. Gather the Voice of The Customer (VOC)  
The next step involves Gathering the Voice of The Customer, and finding out what you, as our customer and what your customers, wants as the outcome of the project. This is a crucial step in creating a Results Driven Design.
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2 : Measure
  a. Understand the Voice of The Customer (VOC)  
It is important to understand the gathered VOC data, and what aspects of the data will have a great impact on the Design and Development Process.
  b. Categorize the Voice of The Customer (VOC) 
Once the VOC data is understood, it's time to categorize it and figure out how many different VOC data categories there are, keeping in mind what available design and technology solutions can answer them.
  c. WoW! the Voice of The Customer (VOC)  
In order to not just meet, but exceed your expectations, we have incorporated in our process the WoW! step, which is designed to provide you and as a result provide your customers with a project outcome which will exceed expectations and make you and your customers say WoW!
  d. Rank the Voice of The Customer (VOC) and Your Competitors  
In this step the VOC Data is prioritized, in order to find out what is the number one, number two, three, and so on, thing that you and your customer is looking for in the outcome of project. This is done through a (AHP) Pairwise Comparison Tool, which is part of the WebMine Framework, and allows for each VOC factor to be ranked against all the other factors, through an exhaustive procedure. The same procedure is applied in order to Rank Your Competitors and assure that your project will put you ahead of your competition.
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3 : Analyze
  a. Pick "Heavy Hitters"  
After the Measure Step has been completed, the outcome is compiled in a list of Customer Requirements, which are to be considered in the Design Step.
  b. House of Quality  
We are QFD (quality FUnction Deployment) Experts, and using our award winning QFD software - QFD Designer, we will take the Prioritized VOC Requirements and map them against the many Design Aspects of your project. In this step we create a direct relationship between the Prioritized VOC and the Design Aspects, by defining their relation, and the level at which they affect each other. There are 4 different relation types : Strong, Medium, Weak and None. At the completion of this step, the Design Action Plan is create. Now, we, and you know, what the Customer wants, and how their needs will be answered in our Design Concepts.
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4 : Design
  a. Set Design Focus  
Using the Design Action Plan, we will develop a number of possible design solutions.
  b. Pre-empt Failures  
After the first design drafts are completed, it is important to spend some time preempting failures, looking at all the aspects of the project that could go wrong, and make necessary design and development adjustments to prevent failures from occurring.
  c. Select Best Concept  
The Best Concept is selected and production begins. In order to make you feel even more comfortable your decision, we will employ the (AHP) Pairwise Comparison Tool, which is part of our WebMine framework; this will allow you to judge each concept against each other and make the best decision.
  d. Optimize Delivery  
During the Production Stage, we will keep you constantly informed on the design and development stage and progress. Using WebMine, you will be able to see progress, make comments, and keep us informed on your concerns and priorities, until the prototype is complete.
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5 : Verify
  a. Verify Prototype  
When the Prototype is complete, the Beta - Prototype Testing Stage begins. As part of this stage, we will again employ the same WebMine framework, in order to gather the responses coming from you and your customers. Based on these responses, the final adjustments will be made in order to complete the project.
  b. Launch and Monitor  
This is the most exciting part, when The Completed Project is Launched. In order to monitor the impact of the project on you and your customers, our WebMine Survey Modules will be employed in order to create a way to constantly record your feedback and the feedback of your customers. The WebMine Surveys will be seamlessly integrated in the over-all design of the final project.
  c. Record Lessons Learned  
In order to help us constantly improve our process and services, and to help you in the future create even better and more successfully ways to impact your customers - it important to document and record the Lessons Learned.
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