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Web Design & Development is one of IDEACore's strengths. With over 13 years of experience in Customer-Focused-Design and Application Development, IDEACore is ready to meet any and all aspects of your Web Development needs. As a world-wide leader in QFD (Quality Function Deployment) and Customer-Focused-Design, IDEACore is the perfect answer to anything from your Intranet to your Internet development needs.
As part of our Web Design & Development Services, IDEACore can provide you with complete and integrated solutions and expertise in the following ares:
Internet Presence

Whether you have an existent website and are looking to improve the impact it has on your business, or you are now ready to take upon the challenging task of establishing a Professional Internet Presence - IDEACore is ready to meet your needs.

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e-Business & Commerce

Our Proprietary Patent Pending Systems and Technologies, coupled with extensive back-end knowledge, creative design solutions, and over 13 years experience in Customer-Focused-Design, makes us, IDEACore, your best e-Business & Commerce partner.

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Application Development

IDEACore is a Microsoft Certified Developer, and the first company to create a Graphical QFD Software. We make use of all existent technologies to help you achieve the best possible business application.

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Web Strategy

Our proprietary web system - WebMine - allows you to gather the Voice of Your Customer, manage it, prioritize it and turn it into Design and Development Characteristics. As one of our customers, you will have unlimited access to WebMine, allowing you to monitor the VOC data coming from your customers in real time.

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Technology :

HTML; ASP; JAVA; SQL; mySQL; PHP; XML; XHTML; C; C++; Microsoft.NET; VoiceXML;

The Difference :

Voice of Customer Driven Designs

QFD proofed Design Solutions

Use of the WebMine framework for updates on the design and development progress of your project, including concept selection and ranking of alternative visual designs.

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